Words from the Artist

I was born on a kibbutz: a settlement surrounded by the stark beauty of the Israeli desert. At a young age I discovered the magic of color, the power of a line and the wonder of imagination. I was a loner, happily daydreaming while painting.

I moved with my father to Tel Aviv. I had an annual pass to the Museum of Art where I spent hours gazing at the masterpieces. It became my art class – my favorite playground. I collected art books and studied the masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Vincent van Gogh. On my twelfth birthday I received a set of oil paints. In my mind’s eye I can still see the beautiful black leather box containing paints and brushes.

After completing a two-year service in the Israel Defense Forces, I traveled to New York. While touring the city, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I encountered the work of Salvador Dalí for the first time. I was awestruck. That night I had a vivid dream – in it, a child was tied to a balloon, grasping her parents’ hands. I immediately sketched it and knew I had crossed into the world of Surrealism for good.

I paint in solitude – no sound, no distractions. I learned to listen to my inner voice. I paint by soul, never bending to trends or criticism. I live true to my wonderful obsession. Each new painting is an adventure. It takes me on an untraveled path. The painting is finished when it tells me that we have arrived.

It has been my good fortune to be well-received internationally. People who love my art come from all walks of life. They tell me that they find their own stories in my paintings.

They tell me that my art touches their soul.

For that, I am grateful.


1980 – Ora, an established Artist in her native Israel immigrated to California. Raising three teenagers and building a career in a new environment did not go well together. Exhibiting was put on hold, painting never stopped.

1997 – Ora and Eli (her husband and Business Manager) established Ora’s Art and began publishing and promoting the Art they love.

2002 – Ora’s Art debuted at Artexpo NY – the largest International Art Trade Show in the United States. As a result, Ora’s Art received extensive Press and representation by several Galleries.

June 2002 – Ora’s image “Passage” was featured on the cover of “Art Business News” – the industry’s leading Art Business Magazine in the country. According to the front page article, Ora was chosen as one of today’s “hand-full of modern-day Surrealists” and quoted as saying “Surrealism talks directly to the gut. You cannot sell a surrealist piece to someone who is not attracted to it by nature. It hits a chord. They find their own stories in my painting. They say it touches their soul. And this is how I paint. From the gut.”

January 2003 – “Ora Tamir Returns to Artexpo” appears in the preview to Artexpo NY 2003, published by “Art Business News”. Ora’s Image “Essence of a woman” heads the article “I had no idea how the public will receive my images. My Art is different; I paint from the heart. No bending to trends or popularity. I am true to who I am as an Artist”. She said.

January 2012 –  “For the first time, acclaimed Surrealist painter Ora Tamir presents a retrospective of her 40-year career in this limited-edition hardbound tome. The Surreal World of Ora Tamir offers a dramatic, color-soaked journey through Tamir’s vast catalogue of work, delving into her inspirations as an artist, childhood roots in Israel, and her own musings on her dreamlike, densely symbolic compositions. This lavishly illustrated volume is a rewarding read for serious collectors and casual admirers alike.

Ora Tamir continues to exhibit at Art Shows and Galleries in the United States.


This presentation of my art was made possible by those who provided help along the way. I would like to thank:

My great teachers: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh, Amedeo Modigliani, Salvador Dalí, René Magritte and, last but not least, Mr. Luizada: my elementary school art teacher who taught me how to look at a red rose and find blues and purples in the shadows.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which allowed me to stare, up close, for hours and hours, at the works of art that inspired me.

Timothy Dickson and Albert Sanz at Eclipse Workshop, who have helped me translate my oil paintings into great limited edition prints.

David Coon at Artscans Inc., who scans my originals in the most perfect way.

Shai Zitman and Hadas Silman at Elite Picture Framing, who framed my first collection, and have not missed a deadline since.

Ron Perry at Egnitemedia, who developed and has been managing www.orasart.com forever.

You make me look good.