Starting a new painting is like biting into a luscious apple.I hesitate, but can’t resist dipping my brush in delectable colors.

In an instant, I find myself swept away to a place called Imagination.

The creation of my art has many steps.

A wooden board is cut to the specified size, coated with Gesso and sanded. This process is repeated a number of times until the board has a completely smooth surface.

Color comes first. Using soft sable brushes and oil paints, I apply broad strokes of oil paints to the board. When I am done, it looks like an abstract painting, full of sporadic color and movement. This serves as my background.

After the first coat has dried, I stare at it. A new layer is applied; images come to life. Symbolic stories are created.

Completing a painting takes anywhere from a single month to several years.

Once dry, the completed painting is varnished to protect and enhance the colors.

A painting is finished when it feels right. I just know it. I sign it and never touch it again.

Available Original Oil Paintings


Title Image Size Price
ID- 02 The Mask 22”x32” $ 9,000
ID- 06 Aphrodite 17”x12” $ 4,000 * 4 of a set of 4
ID- 07 Moira 17”x12” $ 4,000 * 3 of a set of 4
ID- 08 Hera 17”x12” $ 4,000 * 2 of a set of 4
ID- 09 Athena 17”x12” $ 4,000 * 1 of a set of 4
ID-32 Where is Adam 11”x14” $ 5,000
ID-37 Flush dance 11”x14” $ 4,000
ID-58 Crossing 18”x14” $ 7,000
ID-61 Suspended 22”x32” $ 14,000
ID-69 Swinger 22”x28” $ 10,000
ID- 72 Warrior 22”x28” $ 12,000
ID- 73 The Bionic Woman 22”x32” $ 14,000
ID- 93 Cats 20”x16” $ 7,000
ID- 96 Balance 14”x11” $ 2,800
ID-99 Mindscapes 18”x14” $ 8,000
ID-100 Life-force 22”x28” $ 16,000